The Present Continuous Tense. Упражнения c ответами

Настоящее длительное  время употребляется для:

  • выражения действия, которое происходит на момент речи (прямо сейчас): Ann is cooking in the kitchen. Энн готовит на кухне (прямо сейчас).
  • для выражения запланированного действия в будущем: She is playing tennis this afternoon. Она играет в теннис после обеда.
  • выражения действия в процессе развития: Nowadays more and more people are shopping on the Internet. Сегодня все больше людей делают покупки в интернете.
  • с такими наречиями, как always (всегда), для выражения раздражения по поводу постоянно повторяющегося действия: He is always loosing his keys! Он всегда теряет ключи!


Подружились со временем? Сейчас проверим!

Exercise 1. Добавьте окончание -ing к следующим глаголам:

Work, swim, come, play, lie, tell, get, take, cut, drink, make, hit, sleep, try, look, walk, serve, eat, die, sit, cry, ski, travel, smile, begin, prepare, stop, listen, shave.

Answers:  working, swimming, coming, playing, lying, telling, getting, taking, cutting, drinking, making, hitting, sleeping, trying, looking, walking, serving, eating, dying, sitting, crying, skiing, travelling, smiling, beginning, preparing, stopping, listening, shaving.

Exercise 2. Дополните предложения нужной формой глагола to be (am, is, are).


  1.  Frank and Martin … watching a TV show now.
  2.  Kelly … washing her dress in the bathroom.
  3.  Our teacher … writing something on the blackboard.
  4. It … getting dark.
  5.  The birds … singing sweetly in the garden.
  6.  I … preparing for my report at the moment.
  7.  The children … decorating the hall for the party.
  8.  The wind … blowing now.
  9.  People … speaking quietly in the conference-hall.
  10.  You … waiting for the call.

Answers:  1. are; 2. is; 3. is; 4. is; 5. are;; 7. are; 8. is; 9. are; 10. are.

Exercise 3. Составьте предложения в the Present Continuous Tense.


  1.  I/play/tennis/with/my/friend/now.
  2.  We/walk/on/the/ beach/now.
  3.  They/have/a/great/time/at/the/camp/at/the/ moment.
  4.  Angela/paint/a/beautiful/picture/now.
  5. Tina/ and/Pam/stay/in/a/five-star/hotel.
  6.  It/rain/outdoors/at/the/ moment.
  7.  Bobby/prepare/for/the/test/in/his/room.
  8. The/ dog/bark/at/some/strangers.
  9. The/water/in/the/kettle/boil.
  10. Somebody/knock/at/the/door.
  11.  The/children/still/sleep.
  12. You/watch/the/sunset/now.
  13.  The/girls/choose/the/ costumes/for/the/party.
  14.  We/wait/for/the/bus/at/the/ bus-stop.
  15.  A/little/girl/cry.

Answers:  1. I’m playing tennis with my friend now. 2. We are walking on the beach now. 3. They are having a great time at the camp at the moment. 4. Angela is painting a beautiful picture now. 5.Tina and Pam are staying in a five-star hotel. 6. It is raining outdoors at the moment. 7. Bobby is preparing for the test in his room. 8. The dog is barking at some strangers. 9. The water in the kettle is boiling. 10. Somebody is knocking at the door. 11. The children are still sleeping. 12. You are watching the sunset now. 13. The girls are choosing the costumes for the party. 14. We are waiting for the bus at the bus-stop. 15. A little girl is crying.

Exercise 4.  Сделайте предложения отрицательными.


  1.  Molly is translating an article.
  2. Jack and Sam are gathering pears in the garden.
  3.  It is getting warm.
  4. We are climbing a mountain.
  5. You are playing basketball now.
  6.  The children are washing hands in the bathroom.
  7.  My grandfather is reading a newspaper now.
  8.  My family is having supper now.
  9.  Angela is ironing her dress now.
  10. I’m looking for my kitten now.

Answers:  1. Molly isn’t translating an article. 2.Jack and Sam aren’t gathering pears in the garden. 3.It isn’t getting warm. 4. We aren’t climbing a mountain. 5. You aren’t playing basketball now. 6. The children aren’t washing hands in the bathroom. 7. My grandfather isn’t reading a newspaper now. 8. My family isn’t having supper now. 9. Angela isn’t ironing her dress now. 10. I’m not looking for my kitten now.

Exercise 5. Составьте предложения по образцу.


Example: Tim isn’t reading now. (to sleep) +
Tim isn’t reading now. He is sleeping.
Colin and Den are playing now. (to work) — Colin and Den are playing now. They aren’t working.

  1.  Pupils aren’t writing a dictation now. (to translate the text) +
  2.  Margaret is washing the dishes, (to sweep the floor) —
  3.  The days are getting shorter, (to get longer) —
  4.  My Granny isn’t reading a magazine, (to watch TV) +
  5.  My friend and me are sunbathing, (to swim) —
  6.  The kitten isn’t sleeping, (to play) +
  7.  Greg and his boss aren’t having lunch, (to read a report) +
  8.  Cliff and Julia are preparing for the test, (to dance at the disco) —
  9. My father isn’t washing his car. (to dig in the garden) +
  10.  I’m not learning a poem now. (to write an essay) +
  11. You are skating now. (to play snowballs) —
  12.  I’m drinking tea now. (to drink coffee) —
  13.  My father and me aren’t listening to music now. (to listen to news) +

Answers:  1. Pupils aren’t writing a dictation now. They are translating the text. 2. Margaret is washing the dishes. She isn’t sweeping the floor. 3. The days are getting shorter. They aren’t getting longer. 4.My Granny isn’t reading a magazine. She is watching TV. 5. My friend and me are sunbathing. We aren’t swimming. 6. The kitten isn’t sleeping. It is playing. 7. Greg and his boss aren’t having lunch. They are reading a report. 8. Cliff and Julia are preparing for the test. They aren’t dancing at the disco. 9. My father isn’t washing his car. He is digging in the garden. 10. I’m not learning a poem now. I’m writing an essay. 11.You are skating now. You aren’t playing snowballs now. 12. I’m drinking tea now. I’m not drinking coffee now. 13. My father and me aren’t listening to music now. We aren’t listening to news now.

Exercise 6. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в правильную форму.


  1. Alice and Ron … (to sit) in a cafe now.
  2. It … (not to snow) outdoors now.
  3.  We … (to wait) for our teacher in the classroom.
  4.  I … (to watch) the children playing in the yard.
  5.  The girls … (to argue) about what present to buy for Lewis.
  6.  Andrew … (not to have) a rest at the moment.
  7.  Look! All the people … (to come) into the hall.
  8.  Unfortunately our experiment… (not to go) according to the plan.
  9.  Pam … (to stand) too close to the road.
  10. The students … (not to have) a lecture now.
  11.  Her health … (to improve) day after day.
  12. The rainforests … (to disappear) from our planet nowadays.
  13.  The baby-sitter … (not to look) after the child because the child … (to sleep) now.
  14. Look! The guide … (to point) at some ancient building.
  15.  I… (not to discuss) this question now.

Answers:  1.are sitting; 2. isn’t snowing; 3. are waiting; watching; 5. are arguing; 6. isn’t having; 7. are coming; 8. isn’t going; 9. is standing;
10. aren’t having; 11. is improving; 12. are disappearing; 13. isn’t looking, is sleeping; 14. is pointing; 15. am not discussing.

Exercise 7. Сделайте предложения  вопросительными.


  1.  We are gathering apples in the garden.
  2.  Mary is listening to music now.
  3.  I’m sweeping the floor in the kitchen.
  4.  The cat is running after the mouse.
  5.  The boys are making a plane.
  6.  The wind is getting stronger.
  7.  You’re building a nice house.
  8.  I’m taking a bath now.
  9. A woman is feeding the chickens.
  10.  They are trying to catch a taxi.

Answers:  1. Are we gathering apples in the garden? 2. Is Mary listening to music now? 3. Are you sweeping the floor in the kitchen? 4. Is the cat running after the mouse? 5. Are the boys making a plane? 6. Is the wind getting stronger? 7. Are you building a nice house? 8. Are you taking a bath now? 9. Is a woman feeding the chickens? 10. Are they trying to catch a taxi?

Exercise 8. Дайте краткие ответы на вопросы.


  1. Is he peeling the potatoes? — Yes, … .
  2.  Are they walking in the park? — No, … .
  3.  Are you watching TV? — Yes, … .
  4.  Is Martin washing the car? — No, … .
  5.  Are Jane and Molly cleaning their rooms? — Yes, ….
  6.  Is the washing-machine working? — No, … .
  7.  Are you reading a magazine? — No, ….
  8. Is Victor writing a report? — Yes, … .
  9.  Is Ann typing a document? — No, … .
  10.  Is the sun shining? — Yes, … .

Answers:  1. Yes, he is. 2. No, they aren’t. 3. Yes, I am. 4. No, he isn’t. 5. Yes, they are. 6. No, it isn’t. 7. No, I’m not. 8. Yes, he is. 9. No, she isn’t. 10. Yes, it is.

Exercise 9. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в правильную форму. Дайте краткие ответы на вопросы.


  1. … Anna … (to type) the documents? — No, …. She … (to speak) to her boss.
  2.  … it … (to get cold)? — Yes, … . And the wind … (to get) stronger.
  3.  … you … (to look) through the papers? — No, I…. I… (to write) a report for the conference now.
  4. … Bill and Mike … (to mend) the fence? — Yes,….
  5. … your parents and you … (to rest) in the country house? — No, … . We … (to spend) our weekend at the seaside.
  6.  … Edgar … (to play) a computer game? — Yes, ….
  7. … the phone … (to ring)? — No, …. Somebody … (to ring) the door bell.
  8. … your grandparents … (to rest)? — No, …. My grandparents … (to work) in the kitchen garden.
  9.  … the kitten … (to sleep)? — No, … . The kitten … (to hide) somewhere.
  10.  … you … (to slice) cheese? — No, I …. I … (to mix) the vegetable salad.

Answers: 1. Is Anna typing the documents? — No, she isn’t. She is speaking to her boss. 2.Is it getting cold? — Yes, it is. And the wind is getting stronger. 3. Are you looking through the papers? — No, Гm not. I’m writing a report for the conference now. 4. Are Bill and Mike mending the fence? — Yes, they are. 5. Are your parents and you resting in the country house? — No, we aren’t. We are spending our weekend at the seaside. 6.Is Edgar playing a computer game? — Yes, he is. 7. Is the phone ringing? — No, it isn’t. Somebody is ringing the door bell. 8. Are your grandparents resting? — No, they aren’t. My grandparents are working in the kitchen garden. 9. Is the kitten sleeping? — No, it isn’t. The kitten is hiding somewhere. 10. Are you slicing cheese? — No, I’m not. I’m mixing the vegetable salad.

Exercise 10. Составьте предложения, расставив слова в верном порядке.


  1.  gathering/forest/We/the/mushrooms/are/in.
  2.  horses/are/The/not/now/boys/riding/the.
  3.  breakfast/sister/now/your/having/Is?
  4.  whitewashing/garden/the/They/in/trees/are/the.
  5.  me/waiting/Are/for/you?
  6.  having/not/now/is/lunch/Roger.
  7.  to/teacher/speaking/Our/them/is/now.
  8. carpet/the/Vicky/Is/the/vacuuming/ living-room/in?
  9.  is/coffee/Helen/for/making/not/me.
  10.  friend/going/and/My/are/the/me/cinema/to.
  11.  The/new/concert/learning/children/a/for/song/are/the.
  12.  is/now/brother/for/His/looking/not/work.
  13.  you/hall/the/hanging/in/the/Are/garlands?
  14.  the/in/dusting/is/now/sister/furniture/bedroom/the/My.
  15.  party/Everybody/the/enjoying/is.

Answers: 1. We are gathering mushrooms in the forest. 2. The boys are not riding the horses now. 3. Is your sister having breakfast now? 4. They are whitewashing the trees in the garden. 5. Are you waiting for me? 6.Roger is not having lunch now. 7. Our teacher is speaking to them now. 8. Is Vicky vacuuming the carpet in the living-room? 9. Helen is not making coffee for me. 10. My friend and me are going to the cinema. 11. The children are learning a new song for the concert. 12. His brother is not looking for work now. 13. Are you hanging the garlands in the hall? 14.My sister is dusting the furniture in the bedroom now. 15. Everybody is enjoying the party.

Exercise 11. Переведите на английский язык.

аниме дом

  1. Они сейчас украшают комнату.
  2. Он ждет меня?
  3. Мы сейчас не готовим ужин. Мы убираем кухню.
  4.  Анна не плавает сейчас. Она играет в волейбол со своими друзьями.
  5. Вы слушаете меня? — Да, я слушаю вас внимательно.
  6.  Сейчас я отдыхаю в саду.
  7.  Мой брат ищет какую-то информацию для своего проекта.
  8. Они сейчас не красят крышу дома. Они ремонтируют ворота.
  9.  ДЖейн сейчас принимает душ? — Нет, она готовит завтрак.
  10.  Вы моете руки? — Да.
  11. Твои друзья готовятся к концерту? — Да, они сейчас обсуждают костюмы.
  12.  На улице идет дождь.

Answers: 1.They are decorating the room now. 2. Is he waiting for me? 3. We aren’t cooking supper now. We are cleaning the kitchen. 4. Anna isn’t swimming now. She is playing volleyball with her friends. 5. Are you listening to me? — Yes, I am listening to you attentively. 6. I’m having rest in the garden now. 7. My brother is looking for some information for his project. 8. They aren’t painting the roof of the house now. They are repairing the gates. 9.Is Jane having a shower now? — No, she isn’t. She is cooking breakfast. 10. Are you washing your hands? — Yes, I am. 11. Are your friends preparing for the concert? — Yes, they are discussing the costumes. 12. It is raining outdoors now.




  1. Павличенко О.М. Английский язык. Грамматический практикум. II уровень. — 2-е изд., испр. и доп. — X.: Ранок, 2012. — 304 с.

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