Указательные местоимения. Упражнения

this is — these are
that is — those are
there is — there are
it is — they are

Exercise 1.Поставьте следующие словосочетания во множественное число.

This magazine, that sticker, this stamp, that sandwich, this poster, this teacup, this egg, that wall, that picture, this foot, that mountain, this lady, that window, this man, that match, this knife, this book, this family, this pie, that answer, that apartment, that teacher, that comedy.

Answers: these magazines, those stickers, these stamps, those sandwiches, these posters, these teacups, these eggs, those walls, those pictures, these feet, those mountains, these ladies, those windows, these men, those matches, these knives, these books, these families, these pies, those answers, those apartments, those teachers, those comedies.

Exercise 2. Поставьте следующие предложения во множественное число.

паук арт

1. This is a spider. 2. That is a snail. 3. This is a space film. 4. That is a cartoon. 5. This is a star. 6. This is a boy. 7. This is a baby. 8. That is a plate. 9. That is a flower. 10. That is a bookshelf. 11. Is this a sofa? 12. Is this a bookcase? 13. Is this a man? 14. Is that a ball? 15. Is that a train? 16. Is that a plane? 17. Is the window open? 18. Is the door closed? 19. Is the boy near the window? 20. That is not a king. 21. That is not a queen. 22. That is not a bus. 23. This isn’t a mountain. 24. That isn’t a goose. 25. This isn’t a mouse. 26. It is a sheep. 27. It is a cigarette. 28. It is a cat. 29. It is not a girl. 30. It isn’t a bag. 31. It isn’t a tree. 32. It is not a bad egg. 33. It is a good egg. 34. Is that a flower?


1. These are spiders. 2. Those are snails. 3. These are space films. 4. Those are cartoons. 5. These are stars. 6. These are boys. 7. These are babies. 8. Those are plates. 9. Those are flowers. 10. Those are bookshelves. 11. Are these sofas? 12. Are these bookcases? 13. Are these men? 14. Are those balls? 15. Are those trains? 16. Are those planes? 17. Are the windows open? 18. Are the doors closed? 19. Are the boys near the window? 20. Those are not kings. 21. Those are not queens. 22. Those are not buses. 23. These aren’t mountains. 24. Those aren’t geese. 25. These aren’t mice. 26. They are sheep. 27. They are cigarettes. 28. They are cats. 29. They are not girls. 30. They aren’t bags. 31. They aren’t trees. 32. They are not bad eggs. 33. They are good eggs. 34. Are those flowers?

Exercise 3. Выберите правильный вариант ответа.


  1.  This/That puppy over there is mine.
  2. This/These flowers are beautiful.
  3. This/these is our friend John.
  4. Those/that books are not interesting.
  5. These/this children are noisy.

Answers: that, these, this, those, these.

Exercise 4. Переведите на английский язык.


  1. Мне не нравится это платье.
  2. Ты знаешь того мальчика?
  3. Кто эти люди?
  4. Я не могу забыть о тех днях.
  5. Куда ты едешь этим летом?

Answers: 1. I don’t like this dress. 2.Do you know that boy? 3. Who are these people? 4. I can’t forget about those days. 5. Where are you going this summer?



  1. Голицынский Ю.Б. Грамматика: Сборник упражнений. — 5-е изд., — СПб: КАРО, 2005. — 544 с. — (Английский язык для школьников).


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